Vacation Rentals in Rome

Coming to Rome?


Searching for a vacation rental in Rome?


Would you like something special that will put the cherry on the top of your Roman vacation.

Are you looking for a luxury apartment rental in Rome with a terrace or balcony so you can enjoy a glass of wine (or beer) or a fine cigar at the end of the day while looking at some old church across the way?

A day filled with a lot of walking the cobblestone streets of ancient Rome, loads of new sights and information. Wouldn’t it be nice to sit back and relax in something a bit more comfortable than a hotel room.

Vacation Apartment Rentals in Rome offer this. A complete kitchen, living like a local with the freedom to invite a friend to crash on the sofa bed.

Crib Rentals Rome can offer you a range of high quality, luxurious, gorgeous and practical apartments in the center of Rome, Italy.


 1 bedroom   –   2 bedroom   –   3 bedroom   –   Studio   –   Penthouse


Soon we’ll have an instant booking site for our vacation rentals here in Rome.

In the meantime..


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elegant 1 bedroom vacation rental in central rome

Elegant & classy 1 bedroom vacation rental in central rome

short term rental studio with terrace

Short term rental studio penthouse with terrace

holiday rental trastevere lounge & fireplace

Holiday rental Trastevere lounge with fireplace


There are so many churches, museums, sculptures, fountains & art galleries…to see in Rome you should definitely have a plan and do some homework beforehand. SOME of the places you should research are Vatican Museum, Trastevere, Campo dè Fiori, Piazza Navona, Colosseum, Spanish Steps.

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